Coaching is an incredible profession, full of learning, opportunities to serve, and amazing personal and professional growth. It can be easy - and a huge mistake - to forget that you’re also running a business.

Lisa works with coaches looking to launch successful businesses.


In addition to running a thriving coaching and consulting practice serving executive and emerging leaders, Lisa successfully helps coaches navigate the seemingly complex landscape of launching a coaching practice.

Lisa has an MBA from Georgetown University and before joining the coaching industry worked in marketing and communications. She knows how to create a focused strategy to get you the results you want. Lisa believes that being an incredible coach is only half the battle, and that you actually can’t be an incredible coach if you’re starving for clients.

Together, we create your vision for what a successful coaching business looks like; we start high level and then get into the specifics. We set goals, develop marketing plans, and put you into action. At the end of our work together, you’ll know how to continue this work on your own and be well on your way to building a thriving business.

Ready to create a successful business?