Did you forget something?

Building a new product or establishing a new service is all consuming. You are busy designing, crafting, and re-working. Each feature must be just right, and you have tight deadlines to hit. Your team is all hands on deck.

You just forgot one tiny thing...

How in the world are you going to take the product from within your company’s walls to the hands of your customers?

How will you know where they are?

How will you get them to listen and care?

What will make them say, “Yes! We need that, now!”

How will you launch?

Launch Project can helps you design and execute successful product and marketing launches, and works with your business to take it to the next level.

Working together, we’ll craft a roadmap for your product or marketing launch, or even the creation of your own business and all the fun stuff that comes along with that! Launch Project services include everything from strategy to planning, and even execution:

  • Positioning your product to demonstrate value to buyers and ensure consistent and clear communications around how the product will solve specific customer problems
  • Developing user and buyer personas that help everyone in the organization make better decisions about what to build, how to market, and where to sell
  • Creating a marketing plan that leverages buyer expertise to create a strategy that directly influences revenue growth, customer retention, and awareness of your product, and that provides a measurable return on your investment
  • Crafting a thought leadership strategy that generates excitement about the product, communicates in a manner that your market finds interesting, and establishes your organization's credibility and influence when speaking about your product
  • Training your team on inbound marketing so that they can continue to connect with buyers and users in a way that is meaningful, welcome, and aligns with your organization's long-term vision
  • Supporting solopreneurs in launching and sustaining their businesses, including systems, marketing, and sales

Ready to find out what Launch Project can do for your business?