What if you were inspired by your work?


Work as we know it has changed. Most people don’t have a 9 to 5 job where they clock in and clock out. We are constantly connected to what we do by technology and by our emotional connection to the idea that what we do defines who we are.

When you have a bad day at work, you bring it home and your family suffers. Likewise, a morning spat with a loved one translates into an annoyed remark toward a co-worker.

We hear so much about work-life balance, and we strive to infuse yoga, meditation, and other mindful practices into our routines so that we can manage our competing priorities without losing our sanity.

What if instead of just managing our lives, instead of attempting to separate what we do for the majority of our life from the rest of who we are, what if we found something we loved to do... and did it?

Imagine waking up each day, inspired to go to work, using skills that are meaningful to you, and living out each day with purpose.

Perhaps that sounds like a pipe dream. Perhaps you are too stuck, too unsure of how to make a change, too afraid of what others will think. The costs are too high, you’ve already put too much sweat into the career you’ve been building. Making a change would just be too humiliating.


Or maybe, just maybe, you just can’t wait any longer. Maybe you know that life is too short. Maybe you know that your marriage can’t take another night of complaining about how much you hate your boss. Maybe you owe it to your kids to show them that there’s more to life, that there can be integrity and purpose in how you choose to spend your days.

Maybe you are ready. Ready to be happy, ready to love what I do, and ready to live on purpose.

Maybe, you are ready to launch.

Career Launch is a six-month program designed to help you:

  • Reflect on what’s most meaningful to you, clarify your values, and gain a deeper understanding of what inspires and motivates you
  • Examine what makes you tick, what industries and functions light a spark in you, and explore the areas that you don’t know as much about
  • Learn more about how those areas of interest align (and if they align) with your values
  • Research what opportunities are out there and where you should put your energy
  • Craft your story and use it to develop your brand statement, pitch, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and resume so that your public face is aligned, focused, and clear
  • Network, like really network, and not hate it; you'll discover who to connect with and how to do it in a way that is authentic and effective, and is a long-term investment to pay dividends for years
  • Shine in your interviews and tie together all we have worked on to land you the job you most want

How it works:

  1. We get our hands dirty with our two-hour discovery session; we'll look at where you are today, what's brought you here, and what's holding you back; we'll also use this time to explore what you value, what's most important to you (not to anyone else!), and what success looks like (beyond the obvious of getting your next job)
  2. From there, we'll meet twice per month for eleven coaching sessions (45-50 minutes each) over the course of the next six months, and we'll use this time to check in on progress, support you in taking next steps, and create action plans and accountability (code word: homework!)
  3. You'll have the opportunity to use any of these coaching sessions to cover the following topics
    1. Cover letter review 
    2. Resume review 
    3. LinkedIn review 
    4. Mock interview 

Are you ready to launch your career?

Let’s set up a free 30 minute consultation to see how Launch Project can help.