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Whether you’re managing for the first time, clearing new hurdles, or running a high-growth business, leadership is a work in progress.

Across the board, new managers, high potential leaders, and seasoned executives all report feeling lonely as they continue to achieve greater success in their careers.

The pressures of managing a team or running a company can be overwhelming, and you’re not alone if you feel stuck or underprepared. But these fears and insecurities, left unexplored, translate into stress and lost productivity.

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At Launch Project, we work with you to set goals, understand your strengths, and create a safe sounding board for exploring challenges.

Our coaching sessions focus on your desired business results, the leadership behaviors you want to develop, the system in which you operate, and your interactions with team members.

Together, we determine where to focus, then we step back to reflect on why these changes matter, and build a roadmap to enhance your leadership performance.

A typical engagement includes:

  • Kick off meeting with the coaching client and sponsor (usually the client’s boss)

  • 360-degree leadership assessment through the Leadership Circle Profile to gain greater self awareness and build a meaningful leadership development plan

  • Six-months of one-on-one leadership coaching focused on the goals established during the 360-degree leadership assessment debrief

  • Recommended reading and leadership resources, customized for each engagement

  • Mid-way check in with sponsor

  • Completion meeting with client and sponsor to discuss next steps

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Lisa’s Leadership coaching was an absolute delight! I learned practical skills that I was able to start putting into practice immediately. I am a more effective coach and leader for my teams now, and I have a lot of actionable steps identified for continuing improvement. Can’t thank her enough!
— John Migliorisi, WillowTree

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Often we know we want to grow and develop, but we’re not sure exactly where to start. A 360 assessment provides a starting point for coaching, allowing you to dive into colleagues’ perceptions and how those perceptions align with your own view. Using the Leadership Circle Profile™, a framework designed to accelerate leadership effectiveness, we gain insights about your creative leadership competencies and where you might be more reactive. Together, we explore underlying assumptions that are causing patterns of strengths and limitations.

Watch this video to learn how Launch Project uses 360 Assessments to empower leaders in your organization.

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