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Are you about to embark on the Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) coach certification program? Congratulations!

This is a life-changing program that will challenge you and prepare you to become a kick-ass coach. CTI requires students pursuing their certification to partner with a CPCC and PCC certified coach to support them during the program. Read on to see if we’re a good fit!

Why work with Lisa?

In addition to running a thriving coaching and consulting practice serving executive and emerging leaders, Lisa is passionate about coaching and mentoring coaches to become the best at their craft. CTI’s core curriculum and certification program were game changers for Lisa, and she loves to work with other CTI students who want to learn, be pushed to their edge, and contribute to the incredible field of coaching. Lisa is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Learn more about Lisa and her journey to coaching here.


CTI now requires that your Certification Coach be both a CPCC AND a PCC or MCC, and that your Certification Coach have both of these designations at least 1 month prior to your start date. The program allows students to count 12 hours of being coached on their log toward the 100 hours required for graduation.

How it works

Certification coaching is an opportunity to ground yourself in your learning and personal growth. Our coaching sessions are driven by your agenda and goals and might include topics like:

  • Gaining confidence in your coaching skills

  • Reviewing a recording of one of your coaching sessions

  • Building a thriving coaching practice

  • Balancing all that life and work is throwing at you at the moment

  • Managing your inner critic(s) and saboteur(s)

The Leadership Circle Profile

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You also have the option of adding what is IMHO, the best leadership 360-assessment in the industry to our coaching, the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP). The LCP gives you a clear and data-driven view of how you perceive yourself (hi, inner critics!) and how others perceive you.  The LCP allows us to gain insights into your creative leadership competencies and the areas where you might be more reactive. Together, we explore underlying assumptions that are causing patterns of strengths and limitations.

Self-awareness and responsibility are two of the most important areas we try to cultivate for our clients; it’s critical we can confidently say we are self-aware and responsible too. The LCP will move this needle like it’s never been moved before!

Ready to take your coaching to the next level?