Good morning campers!


It's a beautiful morning in Charlottesville, VA!  For those of you who don't know me, you will quickly learn that I am a morning person. I love getting an early start on the day, GSD'ing before anyone else is up, and getting out for that morning run. So, what better time of day to start my blog than before the sun (and my kids) is up.

And you! You’ve made it here, so I must have done something right. I’ve always dreamed of having my own business and my own blog, and here it is. So, welcome, and danke!

So why are you here?  

1. Maybe you’re already a client of mine. Mazel!  

So, if you're a client, you know that I don’t give a lot of advice in my coaching. I mean, if I think you’re doing something stupid, I’ll tell you that, but I don’t tell you what to do. And while I don’t hide my experience, my coaching is focused on you, so we don’t spend too much time on me. That said, I do have some pretty cool experience under my belt and some fun stuff to share. So, I do that here. You’ll find things like:

  • Leadership strategies and tips
  • Ideas for how to find your dream job or start your own business (I’m doing that now, so these will all be #realtime)
  • Ways to manage the grind of work and family and friends and oh, your own personal growth
  • Challenges to help you get your ass in gear and stop saying you’ll do something and actually do it
  • Fun stuff - funny stories, reading recommendations, who knows what else - because life’s too short to be serious all of the time  
  • Interviews and posts from some other cool peeps
  • Shout outs for some of the stuff I love to read, listen to, and do 

2. If you’re not already a client, maybe you’re considering working with Launch Project and trying to see if it's legit

If you’ve never experienced coaching before, it can be confusing/sound fluffy/be overwhelming. The best way to understand coaching is to try it out, so please do so! I offer free 30 min sessions so you can do just that.  

You’re probably also doing your research and want to learn a bit more about this person who you may call Coach. I encourage you to do so, and I hope this blog will provide some insight into who I am and how I am as a Coach.

You may also be wondering who I coach and if you’re a good fit. Here’s my deal:

  • I coach anyone who is committed to making significant change. These changes can be focused on career, family, relationships, finances, etc. Really anything where you’re done with the status quo and ready to go after (like really go after) something new.  
  • I coach people who are creative and resourceful and who aren’t looking for someone to tell them what to do. My clients have the best answers, so I don’t tell them what to do.  
  • While I coach a wide variety of people, the majority of my clients are emerging leaders within organizations, individuals seeking a new career, and small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a little coaching and some marketing and business consulting. So, you’ll probably notice that most of my blog content is focused on these topics. It’s also a place where I have some significant experience.

3. Uh, did some weird Google search and ended up on this website with a lot of boats

That's cool. Despite how you got here, I’d love to learn more about who you are, why you’re here, and what else you’d like to learn or read more about. Hit me up in the comments.

Before you go!

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Happy day!