QUIZ: What's Your Boss Style?

Whether you run a multi-million dollar corporation or a start-up with just one employee, when you accept the title of “boss,” you are also taking on a whole new level of authority and responsibility

The people - notice how I said people, not workers or employees; they are human beings - who work for you are depending on you to challenge, support, and inspire them. And doing these things will benefit everyone: they’ll be more fulfilled and work harder and better for you, you’ll gain satisfaction from creating a meaningful space for your people, and the impact you’ll be able to have together as an engaged and ambitious team will drive your work forward faster than ever before.

As the boss, you bring your own experiences, values, and judgment to the table; this is your boss style. It’s a mix of who you are, what you’ve done, and what you believe. It’s critical to know what your style is - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and determine what’s working well and where you need to make some changes. This quiz will help you get a better understanding of just that. 

Take the quiz!

Good news: your style is adaptable. You can keep the good and get rid of the crap. When you get your results, you can sign up for strategies and tips to build on what’s working and begin making adjustments so that you can be a total kick-ass boss. 

Oh, and if you’re not an official “boss” yet, now is a great time to start understanding your style. Answer as if you were the boss (you know you’ve probably thought or said, “If I was in charge...”) and find out what you would look like today if all of a sudden you got the big promotion. From there, you’ll know where to invest in your leadership style!

Good luck and may the #boss be with you!

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