Coaching: As Explained By Bitmoji

What is coaching?

Ah, every coach’s favorite question. If you google it, you’ll find that most coaches send you to the ICF website. Most say that coaching is best understood through experience. I even tried a “Coach and a Lawyer Walk Into a Bar” idea.

Still doesn’t seem to be that clear. So, let’s try another approach...


I believe that at its core, all coaching - leadership, career, etc. - is about helping you find fulfillment. It's about making choices everyday to be fully alive. To be who we are and do what is right for us.

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But most people don't think, "Gee, I'd like to be fulfilled. I'll hire a coach. People choose to engage in coaching for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they feel like they're drowning and just need a little

Because, let's be honest,


Sometimes, people have very clear


Like they're ready for something new, and it's


At work. And they're not totally sure about what's next. Working with a coach can help you feel more

Both in yourself and in the decisions you make. Part of this comes from the coach just listening. Ya know, like when you want someone who isn't going to be totally biased. You don't necessarily need your problem to be solved; you just need someone to say:


With your coach, you can say what you need to say and not fear that they're going to look at you like you have four heads. Ya know, kinda like:

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People also work with coaches when they’re seeking to enhance their leadership capacity and


Whatever the reason, coaching isn’t about fixing you… it’s about helping you build on what you’re already doing well. A coach isn’t there to tell you what to do or how to do it. A coach is there to help


You’re totally capable of finding your own answers. You might even hear us say that you’re “naturally creative, resourceful, and whole." That's coach jargon for: you are the expert of yourself and

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A coach sees you in all of your awesomeness. She focuses on asking powerful questions and helping you find your own answers. Your coach will be dishing up some 

And you'll know it's going well when you say to your coach:

But know that coaches are supposed to call you on your shit or even when you're just being kinda

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That's important in a lot of ways. You always know that you can count on your coach to tell the truth.

Even when it's hard to do. Sometimes we'll even do 360 reviews. That's when we ask the people who your work for, with, and who work for you all about your leadership style. It's a chance for you to hear all of the


We want to make sure you are aware of the impact you are having and continue to build on your strengths

And even as we're breaking it down for you, your coach is always in your corner, rooting for you.


And helping you look at your situation from new perspectives and ask

When you’re able to look at things with a new lens, it helps wake you up!

Then it's time for action. Part of that means that you'll be doing some work on your own time. We know that a lot of your learning and growth happens between sessions. There's reading or writing to lock in your learning.

And then things you'll actually do. It could be a challenge to apply to 5 jobs over the week or submit that application to a TED Talk that you've been procrastinating on for, well... your whole life. All the action will have you like

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Before you know it, you’re making some serious changes - at work, in life - and you begin to realize


And as you begin hitting your goals, your coach is there to give you the

And celebrate your success!


Hopefully by now this coaching thing is starting to make some sense. I know it's a lot, so feel free to set up a free consult to learn more. Alright...