What if you were a remarkable boss?


You've always viewed leadership as a fancy title, a higher position on the org chart, a substantial raise, power to effect change, and respect from colleagues. 

But now that you're there, you're quickly learning that leadership as you knew it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Everyone is looking to you for answers that you don’t have. Complaints are flying your way, and you don’t have the ability to do anything about them. You're suddenly responsible for other people: their productivity, their careers, and ultimately, their happiness.

No one told you it was going to be like this.

The leadership books are stacking up, but you don’t have time to read them. You want to ask your own boss for help, but you’re scared of looking weak. The quality of your own work product is diminishing, and you’re not sure if the time you’re trading off to help your team is really worth it.

If you're feeling stuck and wondering how you'll ever step into your leadership role, now's the time to get some support and unbiased feedback.

Launch Project can help.

Leadership Launch is a six-month program designed to help you:

  • Take control of your leadership role and gain confidence in why you were chosen for this role in the first place
  • Understand what the expectations are of you in this new role and how you can most effectively exceed them
  • Clarify your strengths and areas for growth based on 360 degree feedback from your boss, direct reports, and peers
  • Learn how to give candid and valuable feedback to direct reports, peers, and managers, and also hear and learn from the feedback you receive
  • Connect meaningfully with your team and gain respect from your colleagues and other leaders in your field
  • Create your professional brand and ensure you set forth an intentional career trajectory in your current role and for your future
  • Up your communications game, whether it be public speaking, running an effective meeting, or interacting with colleagues at the water cooler
  • Remain productive while keeping your team running – and satisfied
  • Inspire your team and become a remarkable boss that your direct reports will rave about for years to come

How it works: 

  1. We begin with a one-on-one discovery session where we'll explore your strengths and challenges, look at how you got to where you are today, and begin to define your goals; you can think of this as your personalized SWOT analysis
  2. Together, we debrief your boss about our goals, get input and feedback, and design our work together to ensure that you feel supported and comfortable with what's being shared and that your boss is bought into the process 
  3. Based on these early sessions, Launch Project will design and conduct a customized 360 feedback review with 10-15 colleagues and face-to-face interviews with your manager, a direct report, and a peer 
  4. We'll debrief the 360 and use it to set our coaching roadmap: a personalized, actionable development plan to launch your leadership to the next level
  5. From there, we'll conduct ten coaching sessions (45-50 minutes each) where we'll work toward your goals and shaping you into the leader you were born to be
  6. We'll check in with your boss about halfway through to provide an update and discuss progress, of course, keeping all details confidential and only sharing what you approve
  7. During our last session, we'll reflect on our work together and craft a final report highlighting your growth, accomplishments, and any ongoing challenges and plans to address them

Download this brief overview of leadership coaching to highlight the value and ROI of coaching for your boss.

Ready to launch your leadership to the next level?