Pop-Up Coaching

Are you considering bringing leadership development programming or executive coaching into your organization, but haven’t found the right partner?

chemistry experiment

We get that.

Finding the partner with the right chemistry is critical.

Launch Project offers customizable and affordable, one-day programs to test out how we might work together, check our chemistry, and try on leadership development for all different levels in your organization.

Our one-day programs are designed to help your organization experience what working with Launch Project is like. Like all of our programs, we meet you where you are, customizing the day to fit what makes sense for your team.

Here’s what a pop-up coaching might look like in your organization:

  • A consultation to understand the most pressing leadership development needs of your team

  • A two-hour workshop on a relevant and urgent leadership topic such as giving and receiving feedback, developing active listening skills, or having difficult conversations

  • 45 minute power coaching for several executives or leaders

  • A follow up consultation to discuss next steps

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I really really REALLY loved my coaching session with Lisa. It totally turned my month around. She was awesome, I was prepared, and we had a great conversation. I would love for our company to support things like this more often; it’s an important testament to how we develop and invest in our people.
— Pop-up coaching recipient, tech company, San Francisco

Ready to discuss what might be right for your organization?