Lisa has far exceeded all expectations I had for my coaching experience. Our conversations generate profound and thought-provoking insights that have changed my perspective on how I approach work and life for the better. The work we’ve done together has provided me with clarity of purpose and instilled new confidence in myself. While I was somewhat skeptical at first, halfway through our twelve session arrangement I found that the cost of the program was already more than justified. Lisa is a true professional, takes her work very seriously, and is amazing at what she does. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, don’t pass it up!
— Jake Eubank, Program Manager, Cruise

Lisa is a skillful coach and I highly recommend her for anyone going through a career change or a major transition. Initially I selected Lisa to help me with the CTI certification but we did so much more. As I was going through a complete professional transformation, I needed a coach who could take me to places where I wouldn’t go on my own or with anyone else, and Lisa was the perfect match. Her deep listening and ability to find what’s behind the agenda or to uncover my blind spots was invaluable. I felt like I was held in a supportive and courageous space where I could explore what I really want while still being down to earth. Lisa not only helped me get clarity on what I truly want and what values I bring to the world but she also called out my saboteurs when I was simply finding excuses and deviating from my goals. If you are serious about discovering what truly matters to you and making a real change in your life, Lisa has all the qualities you need in a professional coach and she truly cares.
— Tony Saccardi, Facilitator, Principal, and Owner, Mindful Link

I’ve had the chance to work with Lisa over the past year and have been inspired by her, coaching, and myself!

Having a coach that can listen, probe and inspire has been so helpful in turning my thoughts into actions that have made a real difference. It covered how I interact with my team, colleges and even the organization I’m in itself. I miss having a coach to work through my new set of challenges!

I was familiar with coaching models from other parts of my life, but having one for work has confirmed how versatile a tool it can be! Lisa helped me identify and hone in on my “skills” I use at work, but Lisa helped me dig deeper into the “why” on many aspects. Knowing one self has to come first, and I didn’t even realized I needed that.

If you ever get the chance to work with Lisa, don’t pass it up.
— Sho Modica, Project Manager, WillowTree
Working with Lisa was incredibly powerful! Lisa enabled me to refine my strengths as a coach, recognize areas for growth, and enhance my natural style. As a mentor coach, Lisa was exactly what I needed...and she’s probably exactly what you need too!
— Jennifer Schmidt, Strategist and Coach

Lisa’s leadership coaching was an absolute delight! I learned practical skills that I was able to start putting into practice immediately. I am a more effective coach and leader for my teams now, and I have a lot of actionable steps identified for continuing improvement. Can’t thank her enough!
— John Migliorisi, WillowTree

Lisa models the leadership skills she wants to pass on with every interaction - as a workshop facilitator, a coach, and as an individual. She evokes confidence with humility and caring, but she’s direct and clear.
— Sue Ganey, WillowTree

The Leadership Bootcamp introduced practical and proven leadership concepts and educated us on when and how to use them in our lives. Participating in this training opened up my eyes to new ways of leading people and bolstered my confidence in my ability to lead.
— Joshua McVeigh, WillowTree

Taking part in 360 feedback via the Leadership Circle allowed me to see the difference between my perception of my leadership competencies and the perception my colleagues have of those competencies. It has become an invaluable tool for me to continually revisit my areas of strength — especially those that are associated with high-performing leaders — and objectively reflect on areas I can improve. In addition, having 1:1 coaching to understand and contextualize the feedback made for a deeper learning experience. I would highly recommend the Leadership Circle for aspiring, new, or experienced leaders looking to maximize their potential.
— CEO, Education Technology Company

If you are looking to grow in your career, develop your leadership skills, or make a change then Lisa is the best resource you can find! She truly listens to her clients and is very thoughtful in her approach on guiding their careers. She provides endless support and encouragement and goes above and beyond her duties as coach. She truly is the biggest champion and advocate for her clients! She also makes the whole process easy by offering phone coaching services and simple online scheduling.
— Jacqueline Appel, Associate, Washington Fine Properties

I had an excellent coaching experience with Lisa. Her ability to connect values to professional goals and interests was incredibly helpful for me. Additionally, she has an amazing capacity to hear subtle, non-verbal cues over the phone. A sigh, excitement, or a pause are indicators many people don’t even recognize in person, but Lisa was able to identify over the phone important thoughts beyond just the words I was saying.
— Brooke Smith, Business Development, Barry Callebaut Group

I’ve enjoyed being coached by Lisa. I quickly developed trust with Lisa as I felt that she was focused on my growth and development. Her feedback was sincere, soothing, and good for my soul. She was not shy to confront me, though, when I was providing obstacles to my growth. She inspires me with her positive energy and enthusiasm for coaching. I can highly recommend Lisa without any hesitation.
— Steven Bram, Professional Certified Coach

Lisa is the true definition of a coach. The best coaches in life are the ones who push you, challenge you, and help you find your best self. She has helped me do that and more through asking me the tough questions, calling me out when needed and helping me think through issues rather than avoid them. The work that I have done with Lisa has not only helped me grow professionally but has helped me dig deeper in every facet of my life.
— Ian Dillard, Editor, The Scout Guide

Even before Lisa officially launched her business offering leadership coaching, I’d been seeking her counsel for years. During business school work and as I’ve launched ventures since, Lisa has proven an excellent thought partner - able to listen and ask powerful questions, challenge without judgement, and offer guidance and support. She’s been helpful during times when I’m just starting on a new endeavor or have hit a sticking point. Her advice has only grown more thoughtful and considered as she has advanced in her own career and gained experience as an entrepreneur. Lisa thrives when supporting others in reaching their potential.
— Scott Howard, Founder, Current Consulting

Lisa has been a true partner on this journey. Together we’ve gone down roads I hadn’t even realized I needed to explore — and I’ve come out better because of it. An attentive listener, steadfast supporter and brilliant question-asker, Lisa will help you dig deep and move forward.
— Lauren Engel, Communications Professional, Lapoutroie, France

I began my work with Lisa when I was at a challenging crossroads in my career. She helped me examine and clarify my values and we worked together to explore how I wanted to integrate these values into my professional life. In addition, Lisa pushed me to reflect on and address my “saboteur” — that nagging voice that holds me back and keeps me from taking risks. By recognizing this force, I was able to gain confidence and take some professional chances that have led me to an exciting new career opportunity. Lisa’s support, thoughtful questions, and practical advice were instrumental in helping me get back on an engaging and rewarding professional track.
— Elana Hoffman, Director of College Counseling, Berman Hebrew Academy, Rockville, MD

No matter what my self-beliefs might have been at the beginning of my coaching with Lisa, her unwavering belief in me quickly took hold. She saw me as creative, resourceful, and whole right from the start. Then, using a seemingly endless supply of powerful questions, she allowed me to see the truth of her vision. Lisa allowed me to feel the power I always knew I had. Her compassionate accountability then propelled me forward on my path to my dream future. Lisa’s passion, courage, and insight make her an exceptional coach and person.
— Daniel Comer, Curricula Developer/Facilitator/Coach, Asheville, NC

Lisa rocks! She shows up as a gifted coach and natural leader in service of others. I am most impressed with her range and agility as a coach. She can shift between radical candor and warm wisdom to create a safe space for exploration and learning. It’s delightful to experience Lisa as coach! She continues to have a deeply meaningful impact on my life.
— Conrad Hayter, The Windsock Group

Before working with Lisa, I was stuck in a mode of uncertainty about how my personal, professional, and financial ambitions fit together. I felt as if my ambitions were out of alignment with my day-to-day behavior. The story I told the world was different than the story I told myself. One session with Lisa helped me realize that my personal financial stability matters — and that it’s valid to prioritize that in the decisions I make. More than anything, Lisa brought clarity about how my values, priorities, and behaviors should align. I’m now on a path toward making that vision a reality, and I could not have done that without Lisa’s guidance.
— Jeremy, CEO, Philadelphia

I was struggling with professional inertia and an inability to advocate for myself effectively. It only took one session with Lisa and I was asking for a raise the next week! Her ability to help me to highlight my strengths and capitalize on them in a strategic and comfortable way for me was invaluable!
— Lauren, Dentist, Philadelphia

Lisa has changed my outlook on life in only a few short weeks. Her weekly sessions are the highlight of my week as each one leaves me excited about my life and looking forward to more! Her coaching is an excellent investment in my life and future. Lisa has helped me to start developing into the person I want to be and start living the life I was meant for.
— Emily G, Young Professional, New Jersey

Lisa is an excellent coach. I have reached a new point in my job search and am truly passionate about the direction I’m taking. Without good guidance, I probably wouldn’t have ended up doing something I love.
— Joseph C, Young Professional, Portland, OR