Are you ready to…

Lead with confidence and authenticity?

Manage complex problems, teams, and people effectively?

Bring intention and greater consciousness to each and every day?

As a new leader, the challenges of work can feel overwhelming. So many meetings, so many deadlines, and so many people to juggle.

You keep hearing about crucial conversations, cultivating executive presence, and being a coach to your team, but you’re not really sure where to start.

Each day feels like a world unto itself. You begin ready to tackle whatever comes your way, yet you find yourself constantly reacting, running on the hamster wheel, trying to do everything and be everything to everyone. Leading can be lonely, and you find yourself burning out and not showing up as the leader you know you can be.

 Ready to Launch is for leaders who are prepared to

Invest in core leadership skills

Replace their reactivity with creativity

Lead with greater creativity and consciousness

What are you waiting for?

Our conversations generate profound and thought-provoking insights that have changed my perspective on how I approach work and life for the better. The work we’ve done together has provided me with clarity of purpose and instilled new confidence in myself.
— Jake Eubank, Program Manager, Cruise

Ready to Launch

A 6 month program that prepares you to shift from inexperienced manager to authentic and confident leader. Ready to Launch will help you cultivate:

Intentionality and consciousness - We begin our work by understanding who you are, what you want - in work and in life - and your unique leadership stance. We know that your unique leadership style will develop throughout our work and we will constantly come back to who you are and who you are becoming.

Self-awareness - We know that people who know themselves and how others see them are happier, make smarter decisions, have better personal and professional relationships, are more creative and confident, communicate more effectively, get promoted more often, and lead more profitable companies. The good news is that self-awareness is a developable skill and we will begin our journey by collecting 360 feedback from those who know you best; that includes you!

Management and leadership skills - Based on your goals and the feedback you receive, we develop a customized development plan, with skill-based modules. We focus on topics like having difficult conversations, cultivating executive presence, developing a coaching habit, influencing, and managing complexity. Each coaching session includes a lesson on a relevant skill and practice and application exercises.

An unbiased sounding board - Partnering with your coach, you’ll gain an unbiased view and thought partner for working through some of the most difficult challenges. The coaching is designed to support your creativity and resourcefulness while also giving you a sounding board for ideas.

Visibility into your progress - Throughout the program, you’ll be receiving additional feedback from your most trusted advisors on the areas that matter most for you. Your coach will design customized quick-hit surveys for your key accountability partners to offer you insight into your growth. At the end of the program, we’ll conduct a post-360 review to see where you moved the needle and what work lies ahead

Taking part in 360 feedback via the Leadership Circle allowed me to see the difference between my perception of my leadership competencies and the perception my colleagues have of those competencies. It has become an invaluable tool for me to continually revisit my areas of strength — especially those that are associated with high-performing leaders — and objectively reflect on areas I can improve. In addition, having 1:1 coaching to understand and contextualize the feedback made for a deeper learning experience. I would highly recommend the Leadership Circle for aspiring, new, or experienced leaders looking to maximize their potential.
— CEO, Education Technology Company

The Nuts and Bolts

Alignment Call - During a free 30 min call, we’ll discuss your goals and see if Ready to Launch is right for you.

Leadership Circle Profile - We use a research-based, highly accessible 360 tool to gather feedback and data on your impact; the report helps us identify where you are thriving as a leader and where you are more reactive. Learn more about the Leadership Circle Profile here. During a 30 min call, we’ll discuss who to include as your evaluators, how to roll out the survey, and what to expect. We’ll debrief the results during a 90 min session about three weeks later.

Foundations Call - While we wait for the results of your Leadership Circle Profile, we’ll begin building the foundation of our coaching relationship by designing our partnership and gaining further clarity on your goals for the coaching and vision for your leadership

Customized Leadership Development Plan - With the 360 feedback and a deeper understanding of your goals, we build a clear roadmap for skill development and coaching. The plan includes skill development modules, short surveys for accountability partners to track progress, and fieldwork to enhance learning between sessions.

Leadership Coaching and Skill Development - You’ll attend two coaching sessions (by phone or video) per month where we’ll focus on a specific skill and leave space for coaching on the most relevant challenges you are facing.

Ongoing Real-Time Feedback - You’ll have the option of creating an accountability team to give you updated feedback on the areas we focus on together. This is a great way to track your progress and deepen your relationships with colleagues.

Resource Library - As you proceed through the program, you’ll receive relevant and customized resource recommendations to support your learning and growth.

Post-program Leadership Circle Profile (optional) - We will run the Leadership Circle Profile at the end of our work to celebrate your progress and set you up for success going forward.

Lisa’s leadership coaching was an absolute delight! I learned practical skills that I was able to start putting into practice immediately. I am a more effective coach and leader for my teams now, and I have a lot of actionable steps identified for continuing improvement. Can’t thank her enough!
— John Migliorisi, Senior Project Manager, WillowTree

Is Ready to Launch right for you?

Schedule a 30 min alignment call to find out.


How do I really know if this program is right for me?

This is such a great question to be asking. This program is specifically designed for relatively new managers (either brand spanking new or 1-2 years on the job and not sure you have your footing just yet). We’ll be focusing on leadership topics and building management skills. You’ll get the most from the program if you’re currently managing people, open to feedback, curious about how you can strengthen your leadership, and excited about taking your career to the next level.

What’s the time commitment?

Like most things, you get out what you put in. In addition to the coaching we’ll be doing every week, you’ll be receiving resource suggestions, practicing what you’re learning, and reflecting on your growth. I’d plan for about 2-3 hours / week, knowing that some weeks, you’ll spend a little less time, and some weeks a bit more.

Who’s my coach?

You’ll work with Lisa Rogoff, the Founder of Launch Project. You can read more about Lisa and her work with emerging leaders and executives here.

I’m in HR and think this program could be valuable for several people in my organization; do you do team coaching?

Absolutely. While some components of the program must be done in a 1:1 setting (such as debriefing one’s personal Leadership Circle Profile), there’s a lot of benefit to doing this work as a team. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for and we can map out a customized plan.

Tell me more about the 360; what’s that all about?

Yes! We’ll use a 360 assessment tool called the Leadership Circle Profile. It is the 360 that puts all other 360s to shame. It is the only 360 degree profile that measures both competency and underlying assumptions. In plain English, it’s built on years of research on adult development and emotional intelligence. Your report - which is chock full of both qualitative and quantitative data - immediately reveals patterns and behaviors that serve as a gateway into developing your personal and authentic leadership stance.

Wait, back up. What is a 360?

A 360 is an assessment that gathers feedback from those who see your leadership in action on a regular basis. This usually includes your boss, your boss’ boss, direct reports, peers, and maybe some others like clients or partners. For the purpose of the work we do together, I recommend soliciting feedback from people who are your “loving critics" - these are people who care about you and because they care about you they are willing to give you honest, constructive feedback. The feedback that you get is not the truth; rather, it’s information about how you are perceived. Together we’ll wade into the details and find out what is true and useful for you. This data will form the foundation of our leadership development plan.

That’s kind of cool about the 360; who else gets to see the results of the assessment?

That’s up to you. I won’t be sharing any information about our engagement - the coaching or the assessment - with anyone but you. You get to choose if you want to share the data with others. I recommend finding a few accountability partners who you can share at a high level where we are focusing; this enables you to get real time feedback from those trusted partners.

I’m in, but shouldn’t my company foot the bill?

I certainly think that would be great! Lots of companies invest in coaching for their leaders, so it’s always worth checking to see if that’s an option. I’m happy to discuss this more during our call and share resources to help you explain this to HR or your manager.