Workshops and Team Programs

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Happy hours and vacation policies are no longer enough to retain top talent.

Today’s highest potential leaders are looking for organizations that support their growth and invest in their professional development.

They want to be surrounded by colleagues who give constructive feedback and take ownership and pride in their work.

They are looking for psychologically safe environments where they can bring their full selves to work.

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These types of organizations don’t just happen.

Becoming a great place to work is an intentionally designed act that requires focus from leaders across the organization.

The organizations that recruit, hire, and retain today’s best talent know that they must build strong cultures based on values and partnership. They must invest in their most valuable resource: their people.

We design and deliver powerful and lasting learning experiences for your team, the kind of experiences that make working at your organization unique.

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This program changed me as a leader and a person. To be honest, I don’t think I understood what leadership meant; now I know and I’m just beginning to live into it. The workshops gave tools, strategies, and time for practice. Coaching in between was phenomenal and transformed how I see myself and behave at work.
— Emerging Leader, Technology Firm

We consult with you to develop customized, agile, and results-oriented programs to transform your leaders and have sustainable impact.

Workshops and programs are customized based on interviews, analysis, and conversation with you. Popular topics include:

  • Five Ways to Lead

  • Soliciting, Giving, and Receiving Feedback

  • Building a Radically Candid Team

  • Listening Like You Mean It

  • Discovering Shared Values

  • Strengths-Based Leadership

  • Confronting Your Inner Critic

Let’s find out what’s right for your team.