We've all been stuck.


Maybe you've taken on a new leadership position at work, but you're not sure how you add value or why they chose you to run the show.

Perhaps you're looking to change careers, but while imagining something different is exhilarating, the path to get there seems overwhelming and exhausting.

Or it could be that you're ready to take your business to the next level, but you haven't had time to get your go-to-market strategy together.

Time to launch

Your Launch Project

Career Launch


Are you still wondering what you want to be when you grow up? If you're planning your career transition and feeling stuck, Launch Project will help you find your direction, write your story, and go after it.

Leadership Launch


Whether you’re managing for the first time, clearing new hurdles, or growing a business, leadership is a work in progress. Launch Project will help you navigate and grow your career like a boss. 

Business Launch


Have the perfect product, service, or business idea, but not quite sure how to get it to market? Launch Project will work with you to create strategies and implementation plans to get it out there.

“Lisa has been a true partner on this journey. Together we’ve gone down roads I hadn’t even realized I needed to explore — and I’ve come out better because of it. An attentive listener, steadfast supporter and brilliant question-asker, Lisa will help you dig deep and move forward.”

— Lauren Engel, Communications Professional, Lapoutroie, France


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