We spend more than half of our waking lives at work. If what you're doing isn't bringing you alive, it's basically killing you. Isn't it time for work to be inspiring?


- Leadership Coaching -

Whether you’re managing for the first time, clearing new hurdles, or running a high-growth business, leadership is a work in progress. We set goals, work one-on-one to understand your strengths and create a safe sounding board for exploring challenges. Our coaching sessions focus on your desired business results, the leadership behaviors you want to develop, the system in which you operate, and your interactions with team members. Together, we determine where to focus, step back to reflect on why these changes matter, and build a roadmap to enhance your leadership performance.

Download this brief overview of leadership coaching to highlight the value and ROI of coaching for your boss.


- Team Coaching -

Since preschool, we’ve been learning how to play well with others in the sandbox. The stakes are higher now, and team dynamics are complex. Team coaching is designed for groups of individuals who must work together to uncover individual and shared strengths, as well as the gaps that may be holding the team back from achieving peak performance. Together, we close interpersonal gaps, engage in healthy conflict, gain tools for managing ongoing team dynamics, understand individual impact (positive or negative) on the team, and increase trust and understanding.


- Career Coaching -

Still wondering what to be when you grow up? If you're planning your career transition and/or feeling stuck, we work with you to find direction, (re)write your story, and go after it. We let go of trying to capture the elusive work-life balance and move toward work-life integration. We identify discover and connect who you are and what’s most important to you with your work-life vision. With this foundation, you begin designing a career that works for you. From there, we tackle the details (resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, interview prep) you need to go after the career of your dreams.

Want to start smaller? Our starter packages help you explore coaching and gain movement on your career.

- 360 Assessments -

Often we know we want to grow and develop, but we’re not sure exactly where to start. A 360 assessment provides a starting point for coaching, allowing you to dive into colleagues’ perceptions and how those perceptions align with your own view. Using the Leadership Circle Profile™, a framework designed to accelerate leadership effectiveness, we gain insights about your creative leadership competencies and where you might be more reactive. Together, we explore underlying assumptions that are causing patterns of strengths and limitations. 

Watch this video to learn how Launch Project uses 360 Assessments to empower leaders in your organization.

- Mentor Coaching -

Coaching is a scary business. It requires commitment to vulnerability, personal growth, and constant learning. We love supporting coaches on their unique journeys as they develop mastery of their practice and create thriving businesses. We customize our engagement to meet you where you are. A typical engagement might include a 360 assessment to help you gain greater self-awareness, feedback on recorded coaching sessions, discussion of coaching core competencies, or business building strategy sessions.

- Workshops -

Bringing a group together to learn new leadership skills is a powerful platform for development and peer collaboration. During workshops, participants engage in interactive discussions and experiential learning that pushes their thinking and gives them opportunities to put what they’re learning into practice. Workshops are customized to each organization or team’s needs, and they can include topics such as giving and receiving feedback, radical candor, enhancing listening skills, discovering shared values, managing ambiguity, uncovering strengths, and coaching as leadership.


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